"You must tell your story, otherwise you will be written out." - said by many wise people

"Tell the truth as you understand it. If you are a writer you have a moral obligation to this. And it is a revolutionary act" - Anne Lamott


Home Is ... is a grassroots project using poetry and spoken word to interrogate what people  actually mean when they talk about "home";  what, where, who is it? How do people configure home and what does it matter?

The project is particularly interested in exploring how emotional and  or physical displacement affects our definitions of home. For many, the concept of home is central to self-definition. But what happens when your idea of home conflicts with your reality — when people’s perceptions of you, are based on single narrative assumptions linked to race or circumstance, which don’t quite capture your existence? How do people reclaim their narratives or navigate the journey from a place of precarious physical or psychological displacement to a state of being, where they decide, wherever I am, is home?

In todays political climate where xenophobia is on the rise, the need to understand "the other" is more important than ever before.  Focusing on narratives mainly from people of colour and other ethnic minorities in the British context, Home Is... aims to creatively highlight stories we don't often hear in the mainstream. 


This is a conversation between people and art forms. 

We collected stories from over 40 people from around the UK through recorded interviews and workshops. These narratives have been used in diverse ways: individual stories have been transposed into poems, snippets of some of the interviews have been woven together into documentary styled short films, in certain cases they have filtered into some character's narratives within the poetry theatre element of the project. 

 Poetry is the central art form in Home Is....

On the arts and culture scene, poetry often responds to art; it was imperative in conceptualising the Home Is... Project that poetry took the lead.Other art forms are heartily invited to the conversation, but they all draw inspiration from poetry. How you say? Illustrators, dancers and animators are given audio recordings of poems and sometimes the page - they then create new work inspired by particular verses, stories or the entire poem which gets inscribed/sound-scaped in part, or wholly into the new creation. The end result here is print and video installations.

The productions from the project will be showcased in 2 ways:

  • A full-length poetry-theatre production entitled Ilé la Wà (pronounced e-lay - lah wah)
  • A multimedia cross-arts poetry exhibition

Home is a journey. Using diverse mediums ensures that we explore that journey widely and hopefully with you. 

2016 was a busy year. Watch our round -up video below. 

I believe we feel safest when we go inside ourselves and find home, a place where we belong and maybe the only place where we really do
— Maya Angelou