Home Is... The Exhibition opens

November is clearly a milestone month, so here goes no 2. 

I curated an exhibition bringing so many brilliant artists and poets together in one space to explore home and displacement. The work is beautiful and has been well received.  There is so much to be happy about. More pictures coming but for now, these will do. Happy people enjoying the beauty that is the Home Is... exhibition. 

Be sure to check it out by the 27th of November. 

ILÉ LA WÀ opens in Manchester

12th November 2016 is a day that will live long in my memory. 

I first started speaking to people about Home Is... in November/December 2013. Back then I hoped the project would be on it's legs by 2014, with shows, workshops, etc. The reality is that this has been a hard struggle, making contacts, working with so many artists, producing a whole project which boasts of a play and an exhibition, acquiring funding, playwriting, marketing,etc. I have worn many hats and sometime I wasn't sure why I didn't give up. Seeing the play on stage, is a milestone worth celebrating. 

To say I was overjoyed on Saturday, when my first ever multi-handed play was performed to a theatre of almost 200 people is an understatement. The response has been encouraging from professionals and theatre lovers alike;

"Amazing, excellent, made me cry"

"The writing was phenomenal"

"Really moving and well performed. The poetry was beautiful and affecting; blended seamlessly into the dialogue"

Roll on Sunday 27th November when Ilé la Wà premiers in London. 


THE JOURNEY TO HOME IS... blog for Platforma Arts

So I wrote a blog post for Platforma Arts/Counterpoint Arts on the journey to Home Is...

Have a read:  

"... I am now in that category of people who are not Nigerian enough for Nigeria and not British enough for Britain. These days, I proudly say I am a combination everywhere I have been and everyone I’ve met. This is the complication of home as a concept. It is nation, it is family, it is birthplace, it is emotion and ancestry; whatever it is, it is meant to be comfortable— a place where you can be yourself, safely.

The reality of course is more complicated..."

Read on

URGENT! Looking For Ronu

Things shape and shift around here every now and again and we just roll with the change. One of our cast members has suddenly become unavailable one week before rehearsals and we need someone to fill his part. 

Could it be you? 

Who: Ronu is about 18. He is intelligent and street smart, lingo included. Came to the UK from Sierra Leone when he was 10 for a 'holiday". He's stayed with family ever since. He discovered he did not have papers when he started applying for Uni. Capita has been on his back since. One application to stay has failed and another is pending. He's an emotional character. 

Productions: 12th November in Manchester and 27th November in London with a possibility for future productions. 

Remuneration: £500 pw. inclusive of expenses, return journey to Manchester covered and informal accommodation arrangement provided for nights in Manchester.

Rehearsal schedule:

  • London: Mon - Fri only - 24th October -9th November; 10 -6 daily save for 25th & 31st which are 10 -5 and 9th Nov which is 10 - 2 as the cast is expected to travel to Manchester that night.
  • Manchester - Nov 10th - 12th, 10 - 6 with the show on 12th Nov
  • London - 24th Nov - 27th November with show on 27th November

Click for play synopsis

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL US: Sarah - sarahmyottmeadows@gmail.com  OR Tolu at whenifindhome@gmail.com


We are getting ready for November in the Home Is... world and things are slowly coming into place. This poster designed by Ian Bobb tickles me. I love it. On days like today when the stress is overwhelming, it helps to have something bright to look at - remind me why I started this journey. 


29th June 2016. We planned for it. Give the people a taste of the project Tolu said. Get them looking forward to full productions in Manchester and London in November. And so it was, we sold out. The lovely people who attended said "it was brilliant"; "apt in the wake of Brexit"; "necessary", etc. 

I could tell you more but video says it better. 

One Mic Stand

To round off a season of workshops with Young Identity in Manchester, they invited us to feature at their quarterly sell out  show 'One Mic Stand'.

It was amazing. Tolu Agbelusi, Kat Francois, Zena Edwards and Russenï Fisher represented the Home Is... poets to rave reviews from the audience. We were even interviewed by local press. Check out some of the performances from the night below. 

First Stop Manchester

We had a month long season of workshops with Young Identity, a prolific creative writing group based in Manchester, exploring the impact of emotional and physical displacement on how we build our concepts of home. The facilitators in order of delivery were Yomi Sode, Kat Francois, Zena Edwards and Tolu Agbelusi. 

Feedback from the sessions:

"Explored difficult themes but in a way that didn't feel intrusive or threatening"

"It was very personal, so I wrote about a lot I didn't think about ever"

"Some really deep discussions, everyone felt part of it"