ILÉ LA WÀ opens in Manchester

12th November 2016 is a day that will live long in my memory. 

I first started speaking to people about Home Is... in November/December 2013. Back then I hoped the project would be on it's legs by 2014, with shows, workshops, etc. The reality is that this has been a hard struggle, making contacts, working with so many artists, producing a whole project which boasts of a play and an exhibition, acquiring funding, playwriting, marketing,etc. I have worn many hats and sometime I wasn't sure why I didn't give up. Seeing the play on stage, is a milestone worth celebrating. 

To say I was overjoyed on Saturday, when my first ever multi-handed play was performed to a theatre of almost 200 people is an understatement. The response has been encouraging from professionals and theatre lovers alike;

"Amazing, excellent, made me cry"

"The writing was phenomenal"

"Really moving and well performed. The poetry was beautiful and affecting; blended seamlessly into the dialogue"

Roll on Sunday 27th November when Ilé la Wà premiers in London.