URGENT! Looking For Ronu

Things shape and shift around here every now and again and we just roll with the change. One of our cast members has suddenly become unavailable one week before rehearsals and we need someone to fill his part. 

Could it be you? 

Who: Ronu is about 18. He is intelligent and street smart, lingo included. Came to the UK from Sierra Leone when he was 10 for a 'holiday". He's stayed with family ever since. He discovered he did not have papers when he started applying for Uni. Capita has been on his back since. One application to stay has failed and another is pending. He's an emotional character. 

Productions: 12th November in Manchester and 27th November in London with a possibility for future productions. 

Remuneration: £500 pw. inclusive of expenses, return journey to Manchester covered and informal accommodation arrangement provided for nights in Manchester.

Rehearsal schedule:

  • London: Mon - Fri only - 24th October -9th November; 10 -6 daily save for 25th & 31st which are 10 -5 and 9th Nov which is 10 - 2 as the cast is expected to travel to Manchester that night.
  • Manchester - Nov 10th - 12th, 10 - 6 with the show on 12th Nov
  • London - 24th Nov - 27th November with show on 27th November

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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL US: Sarah - sarahmyottmeadows@gmail.com  OR Tolu at whenifindhome@gmail.com